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Open the windows run window (Windows + R) and paste the text below in it. This will work only if you installed League of Legends in the default folder. Replays No Data 0 Played % WinRate 0 / 0 / 0 Average Kda Favorite Champions (Ranked) Name Played WinRate No Data How are players ranked ? A score is computed for each summoner/champion/role. The summoners are ranked for each champion according to their best score for that champion.

The 007 movies introduced Rolex into James Bond’s world. In Dr. No , Sir Sean Connery wore a Rolex Submariner 6538. He displayed remarkable consistency in taste, wearing the same watch in From Russia With Love , Goldfinger, and Thunderball . This was the era of the Rolex Bond, but that doesn’t mean other watches didn’t also get some wrist time. Connery wore a Gruen Precision Subsidiary Seconds in Dr. No and You Only Live Twice  and a Breitling Top Time in Thunderball— the first watch to include a gadget.