This course will show you everything from selecting your guitar, strum patterns, chords for folk, blues, jazz, country, finger picking styles, arpeggios and all the other things you need to take you from being a learning guitar player to being a serious guitarist ..     There are 5 DVDs of structured lessons, 2 CDs of songs you can learn as you progress, plus the 150+ page course manual which complements the DVD content.  To find out more, and start your journey, Click HERE

At first, conversation was somewhat forced — but he was much impressed when his blind date revealed that she lived with a Lady Courtly.

The next day I faced the full force of her fury. I was smacked for telling such a whopper, denied a month’s pocket money and grounded for two weeks (child psychology in Barnsley was, I fear, in its infancy in the Fifties). 

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